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Timothy lliff Jr.

tim iliff acupuncturist

Timothy Iliff Jr is a licensed acupuncturist in Colorado and is NCCA accredited with over 3,000 classroom and treatment hours and is currently completing his doctorate in Integrative Medicine at PCOM San Diego.  He has been treating patients with acupuncture for 8 years, specializing in pain and neuropathy relief using Master Tung acupuncture.  

Timothy is widely recognized as a top authority on pain acupuncture and mobility improvement.  He was the first acupuncturist employed by the United States Air Force to treat combat injuries and help reduce morphine dependency.  Tim has designed and taught numerous graduate courses on pain management acupuncture.  He also has an extensive sports background, including competitive experience swimming, wrestling, rock climbing and college gymnastics.  Timothy's skillset draws upon a large amount of treatment knowledge from practicing Chinese kung fu and weight lifting for over 20 years.  His previous career was as a certified personal trainer addressing sports-injury recovery with Chinese medicine exercise which gives him a greater ability to work with athletes of all abilities including those with missing limbs.