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Live Blood Cell Analysis


In Live-cell studies, a single drop of blood tells a lot. Using a powerful microscope and a video recording attachment, the doctor takes a single drop of blood from the fingertip of a patient and analyzes it. The doctor is looking at the blood cell's (red blood cells, white blood cells)quality, whether there are any disease, such as bacteria infection, yeast infection, lukemia, crystal, and free radicals present in the blood, and also how many toxin cells there are in the blood. From just a drop of blood , doctors can find out what problems a person may have or make a decision any changes of diet for better nutrition.

You live blood microscopy will give you a assessment of possible:

  • pH Imbalance
  • Toxicity
  • Arthritic Warning Signs
  • Weakened Immuni
  • Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency
  • Cardiovacular Warming Signs
  • Improper Digestion
  • Bacteria Yeast infection

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