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Resonant Therapy

Resonant Therapy/High Frequency

Resonant Therapy/High Frequency or Electromedicine uses specific frequencies that are designed to target diseased cells in the body.  This alternative approach is very gentle.  You barely know that the generators are turned.    This technology was developed in the 1930s and has been used for alternative therapies with great success.

High (RF) Frequency Protocol was designed to kill the microbes inside of sick damaged cells and thus revert diseased cells into normal cells.

Our Machine

We offer an Oscillator Replica. This radiant frequency unit is capable of driving a plasma tube with up to 118 watts of power.  When connected to the frequency machine it is capable of outputting up to 8 frequencies simultaneously.  These different frequencies target microbes that are unwanted in your body.  During experiments the instrument worked effectively on bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

Scientists believe that  hundreds of thousands of micro-organisms could be killed in one session. The consumption of 8-12 full 8oz. glasses of good clean water is essential so that toxins released during therapy can be eliminated from the body.

*(We provide you with filtered alkaline water during each high frequency session)

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