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Thermography is an FDA approved, non-invasive medical imaging technology used to scan the body for heat patterns that indicates inflammation (the body's attempt to heal itself). 

thermal image of handThe scans are analyzed by certified MDs who will then generate a report, along with the images, and recommend a course of actions. 

In conjunct with mammograms, thermography can be used in detecting breast cancer.  Thermography can also be used to detect ailments such as headaches, sinus conditions, cardiovascular and artery conditions, issues with a challenged immune system, diabetes and more.  

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging has the potential to detect threats as far as 10 years in advance and can achieve full-body and breast scans on both men and women.  Read more about thermogrpahy at This Link, or call our office for an appointment at (843) 692-9243 Ext. 1