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"Healthful" Links

In our commitment to your health, 360 Health Care has the following links with a brief description of their contents.  These links cover a multitude of topics from South Carolina's biggest health problems to how Eating 4 Your Blood Type works.  We hope you will commit to learning about health and take an active role in it!


 Your Friends at 360 Health Care

(Note: the following are in no particular order)

1. South Carolina's Biggest Health Problems -

Good overview of the biggest health problems and diseases affecting SC.

2. Healthy South Carolina Challenge -

Sponsored by SC First Lady Jenny Sanford, this site provides tips and some research on healthy lifestyles.

3. Eating Right for your Type -

This is Dr. D'Adamo's website where the information on how to eat for your blood type can be found.

4. American Chiropractic Association -

5. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine -

 This site is backed by the NIH - National Institute of Health - and includes information about acupuncture and other alternative methods of treatment.

6. Acupuncture Today -

 Many acupuncturists (including ours) use this site and their newsletter to stay abreast of developments in acupuncture.  This site includes many useful links to scientific journals.

7. BrainCore Therapy -

 BrainCore is an innovative neurofeedback system used to treat symptoms of migraines, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and a number of other conditions. 

8. Dr. Feng Song -

Dr. Song is an acupuncturist in Florida with whom Dr. Dong collaborates to bring educational seminars and techniques to AHC and to South Carolina.  

9. How Acupuncture Works -

Found this great website that explains how acupuncture works. This is what I have been doing for myself, really helped me out and got rid of my migraines.