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We all know a loved one, a friend, or even an acquaintance who has some type of chronic disease.  Whether it be diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or cancer just to name a few; it can be a devastating situation to all involved.  It's no wonder patients are afflicted with these diseases, what with the preservatives, sugar substitutes and other additives in our foods.  When we re-decorate, repair, or clean our homes, we are using highly toxic chemicals. Take a moment to think about the prescription medications you may be taking, most of which are toxic to the body.  Our Natural Healing Center offers a three-part therapy to combat these diseases through nutrition therapy, detoxification and natural supplements. 

Nutrition Therapy -  is a holistic and natural approach using the body's own healing mechanism to treat chronic and debilitating illnesses.  It is our opinion that these diseases are brought on by toxic, degraded food, water and air.  This therapy aims to regenerate health, assisting each important metabolic requirement by flooding the body with nutrients using organic raw and cooked fruits and vegetables.  The fruits and vegetables provide a large selection of special healing chemicals (phytochemicals) and trace minerals, including the daily protein we need.  Fresh, raw vegetable juice is consumed several times a day, as well as slow-cooked foods using strictly non-aluminum* cookware.  Heavy animal fats, excess protein, sodium and other toxins are avoided to assist in stimulating metabolism.   When the fruits and vegetables are ingested as soon as they are prepared, they contain live enzymes that work to oxidate the bodys' blood cells.  Oxygen deficiency in the blood contributes to many degenerative diseases.  Using this therapy, oxygenation is usually more than doubled and thus allows oxygen to help fight diseases and remove toxins.  Fresh dairy products and home-made breads are eaten occasionally, if at all, based on the patient's needs: they should never be the main part of the meal. 

Only distilled water should be used during the cooking process and to clean the fruits and vegetables before preparation.  In many areas, chlorine and fluoride, by law, are added to our tap water, which is very toxic to our bodies.  The average home water filter will remove some of the minerals and chemicals, but will not remove the fluoride.  A high quality filter system installed in your home will remove the majority of the fluoride.

Salt is an enzyme prohibitor and this therapy is designed to remove all excess sodium.  Enzymes are an important part of the body's defenses against toxins and disease.  Salt exacerbates the growth of tumor tissue and is the basis of "tissue damage syndrome", which is when normal cells lose their ability to hold potassium while sodium penetrates, causing edema and loss of function.  This tissue damage is the beginning of all chronic diseases.

Some organic vegetables cannot be ingested as they contain a large percentage of fat, such as avocados.  Fats tend to stimulate new tumor growth.

Detoxification - Degenerative diseases increase the body's inability to excrete waste adequately, which results in liver and kidney failure.  Using intensive detoxification eliminates waste, regenerates the liver, reactivates the immune system and restores the body's essential defenses--enzyme, mineral and hormone systems.  Methods to detox include organic coffee enemas, and occasionally, organic castor oil enemas.  The enemas must be prepared exactly as instructed or they will not be effective, as the fluid travels through the hemorrhoidal vein directly to the liver.  The liver ducts then open and the toxins are released. 

Natural Supplements - are used to help oxidate blood cells, and stimulate normal muscle function; activate the immune system; assist in digesting proteins; open capillaries (improving circulation); stimulate stomach acid (most patients are lacking some stomach acid); help in breaking down tumor tissues and increase metabolism.

Generous, high-quality nutrition, increased oxygen, detoxification and improved metabolism all work together so that your cells and your whole body can regenerate, become healthy and prevent future illnesses.  Each aspect of these therapies work in conjunction with each other.  Just using the nutrition therapy and not the detoxification or supplements, for instance, will not result in the most effective healing. 

Contact our office for further information regarding this three-part therapy.  We also have available supplements, detoxification equipment, and, currently offer organic produce for purchase.

  *Aluminum is a metal toxic to the body, contributing to growth retardation in infants and neurotoxicity in anyone ingesting significant amounts.